Best Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

Best Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

Nothing is more exciting than preparing for the arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy! Baby showers are a celebration of the miracle of a new baby and a day to pamper the budding mom-to-be.  Baby Shower Ideas It’s a Big Job! Let’s face it, planning a baby shower can be a little stressful. Your friend

Nothing is more exciting than preparing for the arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy! Baby showers are a celebration of the miracle of a new baby and a day to pamper the budding mom-to-be. 

Baby Shower Ideas

It’s a Big Job! 

Let’s face it, planning a baby shower can be a little stressful. Your friend has entrusted you with the sacred duty to throw a celebration worthy of her and that little bundle of joy in her beautifully round belly. You want everything to be perfect! The invitations, the decorations, the party favors, the gifts, and the games. There is a lot to take into consideration when planning a baby shower! Yet, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the results you want. 

Tip #1: What Does the Mom-to-Be Want? 

Before diving into preparations for the baby shower, it is a great idea to talk to the mom-to-be to see what she wants (as long as this isn’t a surprise shower, of course). The shower of your dreams may not necessarily be the shower of her dreams. So ask her! 

Does she have a theme in mind? 
How many people does she want to invite? Get their names and addresses. 
Does she like games? Are there any games she really wants (or doesn’t want) to play at her shower? 
What is her favorite food or drink? Does she have a preference for the menu? 
Does she want a co-ed baby shower? 
Where is she registered? What does she need or want for the baby? 

Tip #2: An Ounce Preparedness is Worth its Weight in Gold! 

Get a good checklist. There are oodles of free baby shower checklists you can print online. Do a Google search for “baby shower checklist” and look at a couple to see which one you like best. Some lists are very extensive, others are more simple. Find one that works for you. A good checklist will include things like, 

Choose a theme. You can coordinate this with the mom-to-be to get it just right. 

Create the guest list. This is also something you want to coordinate with the mom-to-be to make sure all the right people are invited. 

Send out the invitations. Generally, this should be done 3-4 weeks before the date of the party so everyone has plenty of notice for the upcoming event. 

Plan the decorations. Use your imagination! Take your theme in hand and cruise the Dollar Stores, Craft Stores, or just the Internet for great, budget-conscious ideas for the perfect look. 

Decide on desserts. Food can be the life of the party and it is so easy to come up with fun ideas to make your menu marvelous! 

Create a stunning centerpiece. This can really tie your party together! This can be as simple as a bouquet of balloons or flowers. Diaper Cakes are also a simple, inexpensive way to make a centerpiece that will WOW your guests. You can make your own or buy one ready-made. 

Get your game on! Games are a great way to get your guests to interact. Choose a variety of games and have a couple extras in case one or two of them “flops” and you need something else to take its place. 

Find some fun party favors. Everybody loves presents! This is a great way to make pamper your guests and thank them for attending. Again, these can be quite simple and easy as Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon, or they can be more extravagant depending on what you want. 

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Tip #3: Impressive Invitations 

There are so many options with invitations! You can custom order some from the Internet, you can pick up some from the store, you can lovingly craft them yourself. Invitations are what lets your guests know the 5 W’s of who, what, when, where, and why (not necessarily in that order). 

Make sure you include this information on the invite: 

Name of mom-to-be and name of host (that’s you!)
Date and time
Directions (super important!)
Phone number in case of questions
Where mom-to-be is registered
Let guests know if there is a group gift they can go in on
Theme of the party (example: you can request your guests all wear something pink if the baby is a girl or blue if the baby is a boy and have a contest to see who wore the most pink, or was the most creative, most stylish, etc and reward them with fun gifts). Make sure you have a few extra invitations to give to the mom-to-be for any last minute invites she may have. Also make sure she has an extra invitation to put in her baby’s memory book! 

Tip #4: Have a Diaper Raffle 

Brand new babies use a lot of diapers! This is one gift that is definitely going to be used! A fun way to make sure mom and baby get plenty diapers is to have a diaper raffle. Have all the guests who want to be entered into the drawing bring a package of diapers. (Make sure and tell the guests to bring different sizes so mom-to-be doesn’t get overloaded with size 1 diapers). Offer a fun gift as the prize for the winner. Make sure you include this In the invitation that there will be a diaper raffle so guests can participate. 

Tip #5: Pamper, Pamper, Pamper! Make Mom-to-be Feel like Queen of the Day 

The mom-to-be is going to be seeing a lot of Pampers in the near future, so make this a special day and really pamper her! At the party make sure she has a comfortable chair to sit in, and maybe even a stool to prop her feet up. Give her a little shoulder massage here and there. Make sure you include her favorite food in the menu. Keep an eye on her during the shower and ask if you can get anything for her (a glass of water or punch, something to nibble on, an extra pillow or three). Get her a cute, sparkling tiara or crown and maybe a feathery boa to help her feel like royalty. This day is all about her and how her incredible body is creating a little person in that adorable round baby bump! She may not be feeling to “royal” and instead be feeling a bit awkward, swollen, and uncomfortable. This is a perfect opportunity to put all that into perspective and help her feel fabulous! Very soon she will be holding that precious little baby in her arms for that first magical time, and embarking on her journey into motherhood! So, use these tips to send her off in style and throw a baby shower to remember.

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