• Best First Finger Foods for Babies

    Best First Finger Foods for Babies0

    Is your older child refusing to eat the peach puree they used to love? Is your baby getting bored with mashed bananas? Are they reaching for your morning muffins instead? You might be about to introduce finger foods. It can be nerve-wracking for a Baby to transition from solid foods to finger foods, especially if they have

  • All About Baby Sleep Cycles

    All About Baby Sleep Cycles0

    Babies, toddlers, big kids and adults snooze and their brains go through different stages of sleep throughout the night. A baby’s sleep cycle is shorter than an adult’s, and newborns have fewer stages than their older siblings. Baby under one-year-old sleep cycles is shorter than those of adults. Additionally, they spend more time in active

  • The Real Reason We Celebrate Mother’s Day

    The Real Reason We Celebrate Mother’s Day0

    Mother’s Day is a time to honour the mothers in our lives with flowers, thoughtful greeting cards, and perhaps even a spa treatment or brunch. These tokens and experiences may be wonderful, but they are far from the original Mother’s Day. We invite you to join us on a trip back in time to learn

  • What To Do If Baby Has a Fear of Strangers

    What To Do If Baby Has a Fear of Strangers0

    Hello, Baby! Baby always meets new people, from aunts and uncles to neighbours and friends. It’s a great way for a baby to improve his social skills. Meeting a baby is a joyful occasion for both the parents and the older children, but it can be difficult for the Baby to meet new people. Sometimes they

  • How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Pet

    How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Pet0

    Children can reap the social-emotional benefits of having a pet. Positive relationships with pets like cats and dogs can improve a child’s self-esteem, confidence, and self-confidence. Participating in routines such as walking their dog or feeding the fish can help children feel responsible. Playing with their pet can help reduce anxiety and stress. When caring for pets,

  • Smart Sunscreen Tips for Babies and Kids

    Smart Sunscreen Tips for Babies and Kids0

    While sunny days are a joy, they can also be dangerous. Every year, melanoma kills thousands. Five severe sunburns can increase a person’s chances of getting serious skin cancer. Sun protection is simple and can save your skin and your life. Sun safety is even more important for children and babies, particularly vulnerable to the sun’s harsh beams.